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With customizable toolbars, sleeping tabs, cookie containers, and multiple profiles, Wavebox has everything you need to work faster across Slack, Asana, Gmail, Teams, Figma, and all your other daily web tools.

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Get more from your best tools.

Wavebox gives every web app a productivity boost, enabling you to get more from your existing subscriptions. Wavebox supports any Chrome extension, but also had over 20 extensions built-in so you can save on paid-for Chrome extension subscriptions too.

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Team discounts.

Wavebox can help you and your team work more efficiently, giving you more time to concentrate on growing your business. We offer generous discounts on multiple seat purchases, starting with a 20% discount when purchasing 5 seats or more.

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We offer 70% discount code for students, teachers and professionals who work in education
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Helping you to learn.

In a hectic world, learning to stay focused and work more productively will help you to achieve your goals. If you're in full-time education, or you work in education, please get in touch for our 70% discount code.

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Using Wavebox to manage all your web tools will save time and improve efficiency across your entire team, wherever they are located. Please contact us for a 70% discount code which can be applied team-wide.

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We offer 70% discount for non-profit organisations, which can be applied team-wide.
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From cartoon animators to medical researchers, Wavebox is powering productivity for individuals and teams across the globe. Click on an avatar to find out how Wavebox has completely transformed workflows.

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Most important saas buy of the year.

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Wavebox is trusted by over 5,000 teams across the globe.

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