South Australia has a healthy Mediterranean climate with cool wet winters and hot dry summers. The average summer temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, although each year brings one or two hot periods (generally with low humidity).

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, jealously guards its reputation as Australia’s arts capital, boasting a multitude of festivals, a vibrant live music scene, galleries, design and fashion, theatre, architecture.

About South Australia

The average winter temperature is a mild 15 degrees Celsius. 2,500 hours of sunshine a year means South Australians enjoy outdoor living almost year round.

Outdoor sports, eating and events are easy to enjoy because of the weather, excellent facilities and easy accessibility.

South Australia has many contrasts with rugged outback wilderness, scenic mountain ranges, an extensive coastline, offshore islands and a large, meandering river.

Surprisingly, the driest State in the driest continent has more than 3,700 kilometres of varied coastline and the Murray River weaves its magic through 650 kilometres of South Australia.

There are also national parks and world heritage listed areas to explore and an outdoor adventure to suit everyone.

South Australia is known as a wine and food centre with 13 wine regions and a higher ratio of cafes and restaurants to residents than any other city in Australia.

The wine industry in South Australia benefits from a variety of terrain, character and climate. Few other regions of the world can match our range of warm and cool-ripening conditions.